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MA Applied Economics

⨳ The following content provides a brief introduction. For more details, please visit:
國立高雄大學應用經濟學系碩士班修業規則*, 招生資訊/碩士班入學方式/五年一貫

Master's students in our department must complete a minimum of 34 credits, including 13 compulsory credits and 21 elective credits, within the prescribed period of study.
Additionally, they must write a thesis, pass the degree examination, and submit a thesis endorsed by the examination committee in order to obtain a Master's degree.

⨳ The number of credits completed is calculated based on the student records in the Office of Academic Affairs.

▮ Compulsory Courses

3-credit courses| Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics
1-credit courses| Seminar (I), Seminar (II), Seminar (III), Seminar (IV)

▮ Elective Courses

International Finance, International Economic Organization, Time Series Analysis, Mathematical Economics, Environmental Economics, Human Resource Economics
⨳ The compulsory or elective courses offered by other departments in the College of Management in NUK must be approved and endorsed by the advisor before being taken.

▮ Graduation Threshold

English Proficiency Test| Please visit: 國立高雄大學應用經濟學系碩士班修業規則