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Year PI Title No. Term Authority
111 Shao-Hsun Keng The Long-Term Effect of Childhood Health Insurance Coverage on Education, Labor Market Outcomes, and Intergenerational Mobility in Adulthood MOST111-2410-H390-014 2022/08/01-2023/07/31 NSTC
111 Ying-Yi Tsai Environmental Policy Reforms under Licensing of Abatement Technology: an Implication for Sustainable Development MOST111-2410-H390-015 2022/08/01-2023/07/31 NSTC
111 Sheng-Jang Sheu 農會人事薪酬制度之探討 111農管-4.3-輔-01 2022/09/01-2022/12/31 COA
110 Shao-Hsun Keng The Effect of Pension Reform on Fertility and Savings: Evidence from Two Natural Experiments of 2004 and 2017 Pension Reforms in Taiwan MOST110-2410-H390-013 2021/08/01-2023/03/31 NSTC
110 Chia-Yu Tsai Political Competition, Economic Transparency, and Social Stability in China MOST110-2410-H390-014-MY2 2021/09/01-2023/02/28 NSTC
110 Yi-Fan Chen Government Monopoly, Industrial Policy, and Productivity Growth: the Camphor Monopoly System in Taiwan during Japanese Colonization Period MOST110-2410-H390-016-MY2 2021/11/01-2023/04/30 NSTC
110 Sheng-Jang Sheu*、Chia-Hui Lin 開放引進外國人從事農業工作之檢討與運用效益評估 1104002168 2021/10-2022/05 WDA
109 Shao-Hsun Keng The Impact of Offshoring to China and Migrant Workers on the Labor Market Outcomes and Skill Intensity of Native Workers in Taiwan MOST109-2410-H390-013 2020/08/01-2022/04/30 NSTC
109 Ying-Yi Tsai Welfare Implications of Regional Trade Agreement : Production Fragmentation and Market Structure MOST109-2410-H390-012 2020/08/01-2021/12/31 NSTC
109 Sheng-Jang Sheu The Research on the Associations Between Pesticide and Farmers' Health 109農科-8.5.1-子-P1 2020/01-2020/12 COA
108 Shao-Hsun Keng Soft Skills, Academic Achievement, and Labor Market Outcomes MOST108-2410-H390-002 2019/08/01-2021/01/31 NSTC
108 Ying-Yi Tsai Gender Preference, Fertility Decision and Pension Contribution Rate MOST108-2410-H390-003 2019/08/01-2020/10/31 NSTC
108 Sheng-Jang Sheu*、Chia-Hui Lin 製造業3K產業引進外籍勞工對產業升級與本國勞工就業權益之影響及效益評估 1084000642 2019/06-2020/01 WDA
107 Shao-Hsun Keng Institutional Research on Gender Issues in Higher Education: Statistical Discrimination in Student Evaluations of Teaching and the Effect of Class Gender Composition on Academic Achievement MOST107-2410-H390-001 2018/08/01-2020/01/31 NSTC
107 Ying-Yi Tsai Optimal Licensing when the Licensees conduct R&D for Technological Absorption MOST107-2410-H390-002 2018/08/01-2019/09/30 NSTC
106 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai Three Types of Mixed Duopoly Market Structure in the Tradable Permit Regulation MOST106-2410-H390-001 2017/08/01-2019/01/31 NSTC
106 Sheng-Jang Sheu Is There an Inverse Relationship between Farm Size and Productivity in Taiwan? Evidence from the Panel of Population MOST106-2410-H390-003 2017/08/01-2018/10/31 NSTC
106 Sheng-Jang Sheu Farmer Occupational Hazard Insurance Research Project 106農科-6.2.1-輔-#1 2016/09/01-2017/08/31 COA
105 Shao-Hsun Keng A Study of the Implications of the Tenure System and Student Evaluation for Grading, Teaching Effectiveness, and Student Learning: an Institutional Research for the Case of the National University of Kaohsiung MOST105-2410-H390-001-MY2 2016/08/01-2018/12/31 NSTC
105 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai Instrument Choice for Environmental Technology Licensing: Emission Taxes, Standards, and Tradeable Permits MOST105-2410-H390-002 2016/08/01-2018/01/31 NSTC
105 Sheng-Jang Sheu The Decline of the Male Labor Force Participation in Taiwan: the Roles of Social Welfare Programs and Family Supports MOST105-2410-H390-004 2016/08/01-2017/10/31 NSTC
104 Ying-Yi Tsai Green Technology and Strategic Management: The Quest for Sustainability ( I ) MOST104-2410-H390-031-MY2 2015/08/01-2017/10/31 NSTC
104 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai Strategic and Altruistic Corporate Environmental Responsibility in a Green Market MOST104-2410-H390-001 2015/08/01-2016/11/30 NSTC
104 Sheng-Jang Sheu Changes in Wage Inequality- the Case of Taiwan MOST104-2410-H390-004 2015/08/01-2016/07/31 NSTC
103 Shao-Hsun Keng Quality of Higher Education, Performance Pay and Wage Inequality MOST103-2410-H390-001-MY2 2014/08/01-2016/12/31 NSTC
103 Ying-Yi Tsai Inequality Implications of Ipr and Skilled Labour Migration MOST103-2923-H390-001-MY2 2014/01/01-2016/03/31 NSTC
103 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai Competition Policy and Environmental Regulations for Export Industry MOST103-2410-H390-002 2014/08/01-2015/10/31 NSTC
103 Sheng-Jang Sheu Wage Structure and College Education Premium in Taiwan MOST103-2410-H390-003 2014/08/01-2015/07/31 NSTC
103 Sheng-Jang Sheu*、Chi-Chung Chen 農業勞動供需情勢研析及勞動力運用評估 1034002414 2014/06-2015/01 WDA
102 Leonard F. S. Wang Issues on Economic Governance under Oligopolistic Competition NSC102-2410-H390-003-MY2 2013/08/01-2015/07/31 NSTC
102 Shao-Hsun Keng The Causal Effect of Study Time and Class Absence on Course Performance: a Natural Experiment from the Implementation of a Stricter Dismissal Policy NSC102-2410-H390-001 2013/08/01-2014/11/30 NSTC
102 Ying-Yi Tsai Implications for Technology Policy of Strategic Outsourcing and Optimal Order Size NSC102-2410-H390-023-MY2 2013/08/01-2015/07/31 NSTC
102 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai The Optimal Environmental Taxes When Allowing Economic Sectors out of the Markets NSC102-2410-H390-007 2013/08/01-2015/07/31 NSTC
102 Sheng-Jang Sheu Is There a Change in the Labor Supply of Men in Taiwan? NSC102-2410-H390-002 2013/08/01-2014/07/31 NSTC
102 Sheng-Jang Sheu*、Chi-Chung Chen 以農業普查探討全球化下我國農業生產力 RES-102-03 2013/04-2013/10 DGBAS
101 Hsiu-Hsin Ko Exchange Rate Predictability: What Do We Learn from the In-Sample Forecasting? NSC101-2410-H390-007 2012/08/01-2013/10/31 NSTC
101 Shao-Hsun Keng Living Happily Ever After? NSC101-2410-H390-006 2012/08/01-2013/12/15 NSTC
101 Ying-Yi Tsai Management of Technology Transfer to Upstream Suppliers for Brand-Producing Innovator NSC101-2410-H390-024 2012/08/01-2013/07/31 NSTC
100 Chih-Chen Liu Preference Uncertainty and Actual Donation-An Experiment on the Funding of an Elementary School Parents’ Association NSC100-2410-H390-019 2011/08/01-2013/02/28 NSTC
100 Hsiu-Hsin Ko Can the Panel Data Improve the Predictability of Exchange Rates in the Asset-Pricing Model? NSC100-2410-H390-018 2011/08/01-2012/07/31 NSTC
100 Ming-Jang Weng Relationships among Gold Price, Oil Price, and Major Currency Exchange Rates NSC100-2410-H390-016 2011/08/01-2012/10/31 NSTC
100 Shao-Hsun Keng The Effect of a Stricter Academic Dismissal Policy on Course Selections and Grade Inflation: the Experience from the National University of Kaohsiung NSC100-2410-H390-015 2011/08/01-2012/11/30 NSTC
100 Ying-Yi Tsai Strategic Management of Technological Innovation and Cross-Border Intellectual Property Protection Contract NSC100-2410-H390-003 2011/08/01-2012/10/15 NSTC
99 Leonard F. S. Wang Privatization, Cost Efficiency Gap and Policy Instruments in Mixed Oligopoly: Tariff, Subsidization and Merger NSC99-2410-H390-006-MY3 2010/08-2011/07 NSTC
99 Hwang-Rueng Song An Analysis on Efficiency and Welfare of the Allocation of Peer Effects among Universities in Taiwan NSC99-2410-H390-012 2010/08-2011/07 NSTC
99 Ying-Yi Tsai How Does Brand-Producer Decide the Total Number of Subcontractors? NSC99-2410-H390-009 2010/08-2011/07 NSTC
99 Ming-Jang Weng Volatility and Correlation among East Asian Emerging Markets and the US Stock Market NSC99-2410-H390-008 2010/08-2011/07 NSTC
99 Chih-Chen Liu Experiments Investigating Ambivalent Individuals’ Choice Behaviors in Contingent Valuation Surveys NSC99-2410-H390-011 2010/08-2011/07 NSTC
99 Shao-Hsun Keng Stimulant Use, Smoking and Income--- The Case of Betel Quid Chewing NSC99-2410-H390-007 2010/08-2011/07 NSTC
99 Hsiu-Hsin Ko Short-Run and Long-Run Granger Causality Relationship between Exchange Rates and Fundamentals NSC99-2410-H390-001 2010/01-2010/02 NSTC
98 Chih-Chen Liu Duopoly Competition and Consumer's Attitude Towards Corporate Social Performance NSC98-2410-H390-016 2009/08-2010/07 NSTC
98 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai Welfare Level Comparison with Various Recycling Schemes NSC98-2410-H390-010 2009/08-2010/07 NSTC
98 Leonard F. S. Wang Partial Privatization, and Cost Efficiency in Mixed Oligopoly with Foreign Equity-Holding NSC98-2410-H390-012 2009/08-2010/07 NSTC
98 Sheng-Jang Sheu The Effect of College Expansion on the Decline of Fertiltiy Rate in Taiwan NSC98-2410-H390-014 2009/08-2010/07 NSTC
98 Leonard F. S. Wang*、Shiann-Far Kung 南臺灣產業空間布局及群聚變化之研究 RDEC-RES-098-025 2009/05-2009/08 RDEC
98 Shao-Hsun Keng An Analysis of the Effect of Betel Quid Chewing and Its Combined Use with Cigarettes on Mortality---Evidence from the Elderly in Taiwan NSC98-2410-H390-009 2009/08-2010/07 NSTC
98 Hwang-Rueng Song High School Admission Process and Income Distribution---From the Perspective of Peer-Group Effect NSC98-2410-H390-015 2009/08-2010/07 NSTC
98 Hwang-Rueng Song High School Admission Process and Income Distribution---From the Perspective of Peer-Group Effect NSC98-2410-H390-015 2009/08-2010/07 NSTC
98 Ming-Jang Weng Cross-Country Influence of the Expected/Unexpected Market Volatility to the Equity Risk-Return Relation NSC98-2410-H390-011 2009/08-2010/07 NSTC
98 Chih-Chen Liu Modeling Preference Uncertainty in Contingent Valuation Surveys NSC98-2410-H390-001 2009/01-2009/07 NSTC
98 Ching-Cheng Chang、Shih-Hsun Hsu、Chi-Chung Chen、Hsing-Chun Lin、Sheng-Jang Sheu* An Economic Analysis on the Reform of Paddy Rice Guarantee Price Procurement and Set-Aside Payment Programs---an Application of Agricultural Secotr Model 98農科-5.1.1-企-Q3 2009/06-2009/12 COA
97 Ming-Jang Weng The Correlation among the US Stock Market and Asian Stock and Foreign Exchange Markets NSC97-2410-H390-003 2008/08-2009/07 NSTC
97 Shao-Hsun Keng The Impact of the National Health Insurance on Elderly Mortality---A Duration Analysis NSC97-2410-H390-002 2008/08-2009/07 NSTC
97 Hwang-Rueng Song A Study on the Impacts of the 12-Year Compulsory Education on the Operation of College Admission Mechanism in Taiwan NSC97-2410-H390-001 2008/01-2008/07 NSTC
96 I-Hui Cheng On the Determinants of Bilateral Trade Patterns NSC96-2415-H390-002 2007/08-2008/07 NSTC
96 Ming-Jang Weng Str Analysis of Stock Dividend-Price Ratio and Returns NSC96-2415-H390-003 2007/08-2008/07 NSTC
96 Shao-Hsun Keng*、Ping-Lan Juan A Two-Year Analysis on the Effect of the National Health Insurance on Employment Transition and Health Care Behavior of the Elderly NSC96-2415-H390-001 2007/08-2008/07 NSTC
95 I-Hui Cheng Re-Examine the Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade NSC95-2415-H390-003 2006/08-2007/07 NSTC
95 Shao-Hsun Keng*、Ping-Lan Juan Is Falling Fertility in Taiwan Reversable? An Implication on Pronatalist Policies NSC95-2415-H390-002 2006/08-2007/07 NSTC
94 Chih-Min She The Expansion of Higher Education and Economic Growth NSC94-2415-H390-005 2005/08-2006/07 NSTC
94 Shao-Hsun Keng*、Ping-Lan Juan Returns to Four-Year Academic and Vocational Colleges: The Case of Taiwan NSC94-2415-H390-003 2005/08-2006/07 NSTC
94 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai Trade Policy for the Development of Recycled Industries NSC94-2415-H390-002 2005/08-2006/07 NSTC
94 I-Hui Cheng Trade Policy, Lobby and Factor Employment Under Uncertainty NSC94-2415-H390-001 2005/08-2006/07 NSTC
93 I-Hui Cheng Adjustment, Lobbying and Economic Integration NSC93-2415-H390-001 2004/08-2005/07 NSTC
92 Shao-Hsun Keng*、Ping-Lan Juan Estimation of the Likelihood of Fatal Crashes Caused by Drinking Drivers NSC92-2415-H390-002 2003/08-2004/07 NSTC
92 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai、Leonard F. S. Wang An Environmental Economic Analysis of NIMBY (II) NSC92-2621-Z390-004 2003/08-2004/07 NSTC
91 I-Hui Cheng The Determination of External Tariffs in Customs Union---The Role of Member Countries Endowment Asymmetries NSC91-2415-H390-001 2002/08-2003/07 NSTC
91 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai、Leonard F. S. Wang An Environmental Economic Analysis of NIMBY (I) NSC91-2621-Z390-001 2002/08-2003/07 NSTC
90 I-Hui Cheng Estimate the Effects of Regional Integration on Trade Volumes with Pooled Mean Group Estimator NSC90-2415-H390-002 2001/08-2002/07 NSTC
90 Tsung-Hsiu Tsai An Economic Formulation of the Third System NSC90-2415-H390-001 2001/08-2002/07 NSTC
89 Leonard F. S. Wang ISPs Pricing Strategy and Consumer Welfare NSC89-2416-H390-001-EC 2000/11-2001/10 NSTC